CFP/Roles and values of children in design IDC16 workshop


This workshop is a cooperation between the following two workshops: ‘How Many Roles Can Children Play?’ and ‘Being Explicit about Underlying Values, Assumptions and Views when Designing for Children in the IDC Community’. The main purpose of the workshop is to initiate a discussion on how to be explicit about values, assumptions and views of children in the design process, in the light of engaging children not only in ideation, but also in other stages of the design process.

It will be a full-day workshop divided into two parts:
– During the morning we will dwell on an overall discussion of how researchers and designers can make their values and assumptions regarding children and childhood in the design process of products for children more explicit, for example, when it comes to the many roles that children can have in the design of technology. What are the assumptions and values of the different roles? What happens with the view of children if the children are makers, if they are expert evaluators, or conducting contextual enquiry activities?
–  In the afternoon we will split up into two groups: one group interested in the values and assumption’s perspective and another one interested in the roles of children perspective. In the value and assumption group we will discuss examples of design tools and other methods that can facilitate discussions on implicit assumptions. The second group will discuss how to produce guidelines and suggestions on when and how to involve children in the various stages of the design process.

Format: Your position paper should be in ACM SIGCHI Extended Abstract Format.

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Deadlines: May 26th, 2016

Paper acceptance notification: June 6th, 2016


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